The day has come that you want to feel like your best and most beautiful self! What should you do to prepare for your wedding and how far in advance leading up to this very important day?


1. Skincare Routine:

One of the best things I implemented in the months leading up to my wedding was finding a trusted esthetician that I loved! I began seeing her 4 1/2 months before my wedding and we did facials every 6 weeks - about 4 treatments before my big day. I recommend finding an esthetician you love and beginning this process 6 months out. This is one of the best things I did because wedding aside, I’ve seen such a huge change in my skin! The only thing I would do differently is start seeing her sooner!


2. Workout Routine:

This is something that’s very personal and looks different for everyone! My personal recommendation is to focus on doing things that make you feel good, but don’t set any incredibly rigorous goals. Making little changes and adding small things into your routine can truly make a big impact!

In the months leading up to my wedding, I signed up for a yoga membership! This was a workout I was already doing regularly and it was beneficial both mentally and physically.

If I could go back, I wish I would have found pilates during my wedding prep! It’s such an incredible workout for getting toned which is what I would recommend to any bride. Adding workouts like this, and other little things into your routine to look and feel your best is the best prep there is! (Drinking lots of water, long walks outside, making healthy food choices - these little additions make a positive change!) 


3. Get Some Color:

I’m not a spray tan girly and was too nervous to not look like myself on our wedding day. I opted for laying out when I could and tanning the traditional way (don’t tell my dermatologist!). However, for a spray tan make sure to test it out in the months leading up to make sure you love the way you look and you’re familiar with the process. The theme with all wedding related prep - you don’t want to do anything new right before your wedding. Make sure to schedule time in the months leading up to give things a try. 




My Wedding Week Beauty Schedule:

  • 1 Week Before: Hair Color / Trim Appointment

Go with what you’ve done before and how you feel your best! This isn’t the time to try anything new, but to make sure your hair is looking beautiful for your big day!

  • 5-7 Days Before: (A gentle and hydrating) Facial

She didn’t do any major exfoliation (aside from dermaplaning) or new treatments but focused on getting me hydrated and glowing for my special day! If you’re interested in dermaplaning make sure you try it first before this week-of appointment.

  • 1-3 Days Before: Manicure + Pedicure

Book your nail appointment as close to your wedding day as possible! 



Whatever your wedding self-care looks like, do things that you know will make you feel like your best and most beautiful self! If you’re looking to try something new, make sure you’re doing it a few months out. Otherwise, do those treatments your body’s familiar with and make those little changes in your routine and your wedding day self will thank you!


 Author: Haley Irene 



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