The day is almost here! You have your first appointment booked and probably already have your favorite dresses bookmarked. Below are some tips to prepare for this very exciting appointment!



How to Prepare For Your First Bridal Appointment


1. Know Your Wedding Date

This is super important and may determine which designers you’re able to shop and when you need to place your order by!


2. Finalize Your Budget

I recommend having your wedding dress budget set when going in for your first appointment. For instance, I knew the maximum amount I was comfortable spending, and didn’t try on any dresses over this price point. I knew if I fell in love with a dress that I couldn’t afford I would ultimately leave disappointed. 

Make sure to also factor in the cost of your veil, shoes, as well as alterations!


3. Decide Who To Bring

In my opinion, when wedding dress shopping, less is more! I did majority of my wedding dress shopping with my mom only. This is because she knows my taste, what looks best on me, and often times knows me better than I know myself! I knew any opinions she gave me I would trust 100% and those are the kind of people you want with you on this day. Bring supportive people who know you and know your taste. Too many conflicting opinions could create a frustrating experience. 


4. Do Your Hair + Make-Up

I had a few different wedding dress shopping days and I noticed I had better experiences when my hair and make-up was done! I thought maybe it was better to go make-up free when dress shopping so as to not stain the dresses but I wish I wore minimal make-up to make sure I felt my very best. Additionally, you often have a stylist that assists you with putting on the dresses!


5. Wear Nude, Seamless Undergarments!

You most likely won’t wear a bra when trying on, but this is important for underwear. Wear a nude and seamless undergarment so the dress lays correctly and color isn’t showing through. You’re often trying on with a stylist assisting you so I recommend breast petals if you’ll feel more comfortable with a little coverage. If you need help on shape wear suggestions click here.


6. Don’t be set on only one particular style!

There’s certain styles you know you love on yourself - certain necklines, strap styles, silhouettes - but don’t be afraid to try on styles you don’t immediately gravitate towards. Aside from having fun trying on a variety of different styles, a dress you wouldn’t normally consider may catch you by surprise! 

For instance, I knew I wanted a plunging neckline, a flowy skirt, and a low back. These were my wishlist items and the first dresses I tried on all had these features. However, the more flowy and A-line skirts I had initially envisioned didn’t wow me the way I assumed they would. I’m not someone who wears fitted clothing in everyday life but low and behold my dream dress ended up being a fitted trumpet style dress! This wasn’t at all what I planned but it ended up making me feel so beautiful and gave my petite frame a very flattering shape. 


7. Take Photos and Videos!

Designate somebody who’s with you to take photos AND videos of you in the dresses you’re trying on. Photos are essential but in my experience videos were even more essential! It really captures you in the dress, the way you feel in it, and the way it moves. 


8. Don’t Feel Pressure To Say Yes To The Dress!

We see so many brides post about their “yes to the dress” moment where they instantly knew, they cried, and had their dreamy movie feeling moment. While this could absolutely be your experience, if you’re not 100% sure don’t be afraid to walk out of the store without saying yes. It’s okay to sleep on it! Having the photos and videos to look through is a great way to reflect on your choices clearly and without any pressure. 


9. Always go with your gut! 

Even if you don’t have that movie moment, you’ll know when you find your dress. You’ll feel the most beautiful and won’t want to take it off! It’s similar to the feeling of meeting your husband - you’ll just know!

Enjoy yourself and this day! Wedding dress shopping is one of the most special experiences. Remember to have fun and make memories!


 Author: Haley Irene

Photo Credits: First photo by Karolina Grabowska

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